The Art of the Algorithms – Dokumentation über die Demoszene

“The Art of the Algorithms” von Moleman ist eine Dokumentation hauptsächlich über die ungarische Demoszene, liefert aber auch generell interessante Einblicke in eine meiner liebsten digitalen Subkulturen.

In the 1980′s, something changed the world forever. Computer technology, mostly due to the appearance of affordable Commodore 64′s, entered households worldwide, providing the opportunity for everyone to create digital art. But existing art forms weren’t the only ones to be re-implemented on these computers; brand new forms of art also appeared, ones thought to be impossible up to that point. Computers provided an opportunity for the creator to produce visuals and sound effects and combine them to create the ultimate audiovisual experience, by using only the language of mathematics and writing program code, without physical interaction. As a result of such techniques, demos were born, and with them, the demoscene subculture. A demo can best be understood as a spectacular animated music video which is usually a few minutes long. And yet it’s something entirely different from a traditional video. Computer technics is the fastest developing part of our world, which produces more and more new opportunities for art. Moleman shows you now a digital subculture, where artists don’t use always the latest technology, but their aim is also to bring out the best from 30 year-old computer technics.

[The Art of the Algorithms bei Youtube, via prosthetic knowledge]

[via The Art of the Algorithms – Dokumentation über die Demoszene


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